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What is all this talk about the Kingdom???

The Kingdom is not some complex mystery as some would have you believe. It's actually within us according to (Luke 17:21) 

Also known as the ~Government of God~ established in the earth through the Life/LIFESTYLES of US... (HIS CHURCH). We are called to EXEMPLIFY the Character/Nature of our KING YESHUA.. CHRIST JESUS!
To FOLLOW/OBEY the leading of our Advocate, Counselor... the HOLY GHOST in order to EFFECTIVELY Operate within our Government's Statues, Precepts, Principles, Order, Standards etc. with WISDOM, POWER and AUTHORITY. These things are clearly written within our Government's Constitution (The Fundamental framework of How our government operates... The HOLY Bible).
We are able to Communicate with our King by way of PRAYER/INTERCESSION to cause our Kingdom's LEGISLATION to be enforced in the earth realm. Once this happens the plans/purposes of the Kingdom of Darkness will be THWARTED! Thus more citizens can be ADDED to Our Kingdom and MORE SOULS won for Our King©!! 
(All Rights Reserved)
(Revelation 11:15), (Matthew 3:2), (I Corinthians 4:20)
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