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Corey Ricks (an Apostle)



     He was born in Portsmouth, Virginia but was raised in Norfolk, Virginia. Apostle Corey grew up in a single family home with his mother. Although she worked hard they still lived a life of extreme poverty. He spent a lot of his time at his grandparents house and worked as a young boy with his grandfather doing everything from concrete work to yard work. Although his father wasn't around it was a blessing from God to put his grandparents in his life while his mother was furthering her education to provide a better life for him. When he became of legal age he began to make his own decisions that looked at the time to be horrible ones. He fell for the peer pressures in life indulging in promiscuity, drug dealing, and all types of manipulations and schemes.



    Well one day like the Apostle Paul, Corey had an encounter with the Lord that changed his life! On his way to a big event, smoking marijuana and a car full of cocaine, he heard the VOICE of God say "It's time to get your family in church!" His voice was so CLEAR it brought a conviction to His heart and he immediately turned around, threw all the drugs out of the window and returned home. When he arrived he said to his wife "we are going to someone’s ministry tomorrow". The next morning he received salvation, joined a ministry and slowly began a relationship with the Father! This was just the beginning!      


    Apostle Corey is gifted in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, structure, organization, finance and as a result has built several successful companies (from Import/Export to Business Start Up's/Development) over the past decade. He is the Co-Founder/Visionary of RICKS Coaching & Consulting Group. 


   He has also been trained in the School of the Prophets through the ministry of (Dr. Bill Hamon/Others) for the uplifting and edification of Gods people. His vision for the Body of Christ is to see them come into their

TRUE purpose and UNLIMITED potential in every area of life especially finances and family! 





































   Tisha Ricks (The Prophetess)



   She has committed to allow His Spirit to make her WHOLE, so that she can successfully fulfill her destiny and aid in the fulfillment of the destiny of others. Prophetess Tisha has been trained under the tutelage of great men and woman of God in the Kingdom. She was trained prophetically through the School of the Prophets (Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop Jordan). She has received leadership training from great leaders and business moguls such as Peter Drucker, John Maxwell etc. Prophetess also served, assisted, commentated and wrote for several world renown leaders ie. (Bishop T. Weeks III & Dr. Juanita Bynum).


   She is highly anointed and flows in the areas of PROPHECY, Leadership, COUNSEL, Prophetic Intercession, Deliverance, TEACHING, Discerning of Spirits, gifts of WISDOM/Knowledge, and HEALING. She’s a Mother, Wife, Prophet, Conference facilitator, Certified, International Life Coach, Image Consultant, Leadership Development Coach, Visionary, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author, Prophetic Poet, Deliverer and Kingdom Ambassador.


   She is known for her KEEN, ACCURATE, RELEVANT, Prophetic Consulting. HUNDREDS of people, from ALL walks of life, all across the globe have written TESTIMONY after TESTIMONY about how their lives were RADICALLY transformed by her ~WISDOM, TRUTH and COUNSEL~. The part that leaves them “SPEECHLESS” is MOST of them she has NEVER seen or met in person. She only knows them by NAME. She is also noted as a Women of Great

 Wisdom/Discernment, a “Mother in Zion”~ (a present-day DEBORAH)”, Spiritual Mid-Wife, Fiery Preacher & Anointed teacher with undeniable REVELATION from the Spirit of God, that compels her hearers to REPENT and TURN back to the KING of KINGS with all their heart, mind and soul!


   She graduated with a honorary degree in Fashion Merchandising from Bauder College in 2009. She received her Life Coach Certification through LCIOC in 2014. She is working on completing her degree in Neuro-Biological/Counseling Psychology. She is also one of the Founders/Visionaries of RICKS Coaching & Consulting Group, and Tisha Ricks Ministries LLC. She self-published her first book in 2008 entitled "And He Speaks" vo1 1 and working on several other books. Prophetess is a woman who has been hewn out by MANY riveting life experiences. This has been the ultimate fuel to move her with truth, relevance, power, tenacity and fervor in demonstrating the Kingdom of God and to herald the Heart of THE KING. Her passion in life is to be the express IMAGE of the ONLY ~True, Wise & LIVING God~ in the earth (WHOLENESS). And to help others come into the same revelation that by discovering and walking in their ordained purpose and unique anointing they too will become the Express IMAGE of God in the earth. Much like the Prophetess Deborah, in the book of Judges, Prophetess Tisha has been given the mandate to "live holy as He is holy" (I Peter 1:16),in order to render SOUND, RIGHTEOUS Judgment, Wisdom, Truth and Counsel in the Body of Christ and in various high profile arena's in the marketplace.


   She has been CHOSEN to call a people back into a PURE and UNWAVERING relationship with the TOTAL Persons’ of the Trinity (God the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost). Prophetess believes that through this awakening knowledge of who the TRUE/SOVEREIGN SAVIOR is, what He did for humanity and who we are in HIM. There will be a True spirit of DELIVERANCE and FREEDOM released that will shake the NATIONS and begin to cure the DIS-EASE of Identity Crisis, Powerless & Purposeless living! Prophetess has been married to the love of her life, Apostle Corey Ricks 16 years. They are the dedicated parents of two brilliant, anointed WORLD changers Trevon and Courtney Ricks!





























"And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE the LORD "

(Joshua 24:15) 

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