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Zoe  Carrington


Just dropped by to share my testimony. On last week... I love Prophetess and her family. They ministered and encouraged in words and in intercession. I just thank God for this family! I flowed with the spirit of God in intercession. Then called my son to listen. Especially when her son spoke. He listened and then bowed before the throne of grace, and REDEDICATED his life to the Lord. Thank God for using this ministry and may God continue to bless you all BOUNTIFULLY, In Jesus Name.



Malia Wofford 


What a blessing! I received my personal word from Prophetess Tisha yesterday and it really helped me get my focus back! I got hit with a heavy trial about a month ago. I really allowed my eyes to be more focused on that, than on Jesus. So much confusion set in, it was crazy. Her connection to the Holy Spirit, shed light on that. So, I was able to act QUICK and get my focus in the right place! I am also an editor for Eloquent Woman Magazine, and I am looking for intercessors of a prophetic nature! I now consider Prophetess Tisha, part of the team. Thank you so much, Prophetess Tisha!



Ronnie Smith
 (Atlanta, Ga)





Victor Kaufman 


The prophetic word that Prophetess Tisha gave me was right on target! It was exactly what I needed to hear. Thankyou, Thankyou.. 





I praise God for the word from Prophetess Tisha. She is an encourager and exhorter and truly wants to help you become whole, spirit, mind and body. She also gives good advice, good wisdom. And her sweet demeanor let's you know she truly cares and loves God. Thank you. 



Robert Sims 
(Atlanta, Ga) 


I am so excited about the wonderful, powerful, miraculous things that God is doing in through the two of you. May you prosper in all that you do. Continue to rule, subdue, have dominion, occupy, expand, be refreshed, be renewed, and walk in all that God has for the two of you. Kingdom Love and Apostolic Blessings!!!!



Pastors Jayakumar and Sujatha Garnipudi 


Kingdom Reformation Ministries Worldwide is a great blessing to India! We are blessed by this ministry through prayer and your financial support. Last month when we got the offering from you, we did a kids camp in our church and helped many kids in that camp. There are many poor kids who are unable to buy the personal things and school supplies for their education. Kingdom Ministries helped them with personal things and school supplies. They were so happy to receive them and they want to thank personally Kingdom Ministries and Apostle Corey and Prophetess Tisha. Many kids are blessed and we can really see the happiness in their faces after receiving there gifts! We are praying for Kingdom Refomation Ministries Worldwide every day and thanking the Father for your continued support. Thanks so much once again! Serving the Lord together for HIS Kingdom extension Rev Jayakumar



Gregg Hughes 

I thank God for Prophetess Tisha Ricks and family.  Prophetess and Apostle Ricks prayed for healing of my back and stomach area without knowing of the pain I was feeling. The lord used them in away I could have never imagined. I truly witnessed a miracle that night. I was told I was on the verge of death. I haven't felt any pain since. Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you Jesus for Apostle Corey and Prophetess Tisha Ricks!



Miriam Clifford 
(New York)


Albert Schweitzer stated,"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light." Your ministry has been such a light into my own personal life. Seeing you both doing and expressing the desires of our Father's heart is a delight knowing you. Blessings galore



Shontae johnson 
(Norfolk, Virginia)


I am so excited to see the manifestation! Man...I love the God in the two of you. Much love and continued blessings (Prophetess) Tisha and (Minister) Corey!



Temekia Johnson 


I pray that God CONTINUES to bless you all!



Pastor Eaton

(Kenya, Africa)


Apostle Corey and Prophetess Tisha are REAL, called by God, and the ACCURACY of word they give and prophecy is real!!  Hope you all are coming to africa to bring healing, change and hope to many in our continent, thanks for your good advice and father/motherhood to us in africa. Africa is waiting for you!!



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