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"JESUS on the mainline" (flexi Case)

"JESUS on the mainline" (flexi Case)


You MUST grab one of these right away! Did you know there is a HIGHER calling that we all must adhere to. It's not the call of a friend, a loved one nor a colleague that can replace the Divine one. Every time you pick up your phone to make or take a call it will be a stark reminder that "JESUS is on the mainline" of your heart and it's urgent that you promptly #answerthecall! Because to ignore Him & His will should NEVER be an option. This frosty transparent case features a thoroughly modern clear TPU shell that offers impact resistance, while allowing the aesthetics of the IPhone or Android to shine through. Features: Flexible and resistant to tear Durable protective layer, Lightweight Satin finish Snug fit, and precisely aligned port openings and wireless charging compatible.


Another ~HIGHER purpose accessory to add to your collection.

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