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Awakening The Kingdom Within You

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Inside every person on the planet, there is a deep yearning to become and do something great in life! Whether it’s ever verbalized or not, that burning desire is ever-present in all human beings. Yet, there are many things that come to hinder us from expressing it—circumstances, unwise decisions, bad relationships, and yes, even religious beliefs that are based in improper teaching, which leads to wrong —“stinking”— thinking and a life that ignores our intended path and calling.It’s like when someone sleepwalks. They assume they’re fully conscious, so they attempt to function as they normally would when completely awake. However, when we sleepwalk through life, the reality is that nothing worthwhile will be produced until we become aware of our true state of being.You were created with so much power and purpose! Isn’t it time to express that and not just dream about it? You will not be able to do it while you’re “waiting on God”, or just being a “good Christian” and following all of the rudiments of what your religion teaches, or just showing up to church week after week. Your life will still be lacking and unfulfilled because you don’t understand that God put the greatest secret to living life the way HE intended within you! It’s called the Kingdom.

Kingdom experts Corey and Tisha Ricks, CPC, will give you the details of how to become and experience everything God ordained for your life by sharing their personal testimony, their uncommon acts of faith, struggles, successes, and the time-tested biblical principles they’ve lived by over the decades. The fruit of their lives is evidence that Awakening to the Kingdom Within should become man’s highest priority, not a mere option!

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